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  What Others Are Saying About Uplifting Poetry Of The Old Testament:

"I had a deep feeling of peace and comfort as I read these passages. Whether they were read at the beginning or end of the day, they still inspired hope, gave strength and made me feel closer to a kind and loving Father."
-Cyndi H.

"The reading is melodic and soothing. A refreshing oasis in our busy schedule. A few verses are sufficient to cause us to reflect, wonder and believe."
- Margarete A.

"The beauty of the verse in this book resonated and appealed to me on several levels."
Dave B.

"This is a beautifully woven book of God's promises for our lives. The steady beat of the heart is felt in these poetic stanzas. In quiet and gentle rhythm the reader is reminded of God's compassion, forgiveness and love."
Yolanda G.

"I never realized the poetic flavor of the Bible until I read this book. A special insight went into selecting these scriptures and presenting them in a unique way. I will always cherish this book."
- Cary S.

"A timely collection of 'pearls of wisdom' in these trying times the world over. Truly a medicine chest for everything. Glean through these thought-provoking passages and digest them--a powerhouse of well-being will engulf you!"
Dorothy O.

Uplifting Poetry of the Old Testament makes a great gift!

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